Hear What Our Client's Have to Say

"RJF built our wonderful 3,200+ sqft home and we have to say that the process and finished product went way beyond our expectations!  Working with Jim Printz was a real pleasure.  He took the time to truly understand our style and capture it in even the smallest details.  Both his skill and timely suggestions have provided us with a home we will love for many years to come."

Thomas and Arielle Heffernan


“Kudos to RJF Construction owned by Jim Printz that remodeled my home this past summer of 2013. In my opinion there are three types of construction companies; those construction companies that bid low and slip in below agreed on quality of materials where they can. They do what is best for themselves and not their customers; then there are those construction companies that do a fair job but slip in some below quality materials. They do what is some best for themselves and somewhat that is good for the customer; then there are craftsmen that are honest and use agreed upon materials and they even add more items that improve the work even though it cuts into their profit some. These craftsmen do what is best for the customer knowing that in the long run it will be best for the client and themselves.
I am glad to report that Jim Printz and RFJ Construction fall into the craftsmanship category. They improved my home in so many ways that I was not even looking for but Jim Printz knew it would be best for me and the extended value for my home. I am enjoying my remodeled home and am glad to wholeheartedly recommend RFJ Construction to all concerned.”

Joe Sturz



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